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backdating for Look Wider


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I'm fairly new to being a TSS leader and have a new unit of 4 girls. One is 16 and has been a young leader with Guides for a year. The others are 15 and have moved up from Guides. At our first meeting we were looking over look wider.

One of the 15 year olds was a rainbow helper for the past year but due to other commitments won't be able to continue this. She asked if this could count towards the leadership octant - she was over 14 and has put in the required amount of time and it was sufficiently challenging, but as she was in guides, not senior section, can it be used?


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Unfortunately she can't count that as she was a guide. The equivalent would be a guide counting things for her interest badges that she did in Brownies!

The good news is that you can do other things for leadership phase 1 such as:
- taking a quiz to determine what kind of leadership style you use
- looking at or observing first hand different leadership styles
- leading a non-guiding team
- leading a campfire night for another section


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Unfortunately not - Look Wider is a Senior Section award and so she can only backdate things to the time she started Senior Section and things she did as a guide cannot count even if she was 14+ when she did them. If she's only 15 she's got plenty of time to work on Look Wider still so hopefully she won't be too discouraged :)