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Official Info: Bar at G2G4


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After Notts G2G there was a lot of alcohol left and we have saved it for G2G4. A list of what we have is below and we're going to run a bar as Balderick enjoyed playing barman so much and inventing lots of cocktails. It will be an open bar, but for those who have contributed to it. This should make more sense than 10 people bringing the same alcohol, as we can have a wider range of items to choose from in making cocktails (he's good btw - only one was strange tasting! rest were thoroughly drinkable!)

Please post below what you propose to bring and i'll edit this post to reflect what we have been promised. we have a couple of spirits that we ran out of at Notts that were ingredients in various cocktails, so i've mentioned them below.

3/4 Plum Vodka
3/4 Plum Gin
1/2 bottle baileys
1/3 blue Mickey Finn
1 Bacardi
1/2 Creme de Menthe
2 & 1/2 Malibu
1/2 vodka
1/3 green Mickey Finn
1/2 Christmas Pudding Vodka
1 small white rum
1 pink wine
few cans strongbow

Blue Curaco - only got remains of a bottle - if someone else can bring more that would be ace!
Creme de Banane

Mixers we've got:
3 bottles coke
1 bottle lemonade

Thanks guys!


Archers - Hilzo
Dark Rum - Lette
Sparkling Wine - Lette
Tequila - Susiwaa
Apple Sours - Nona Whitby?
Genadine - Nona Whitby?
tiny bit Blue Curaco - Coolandme
Fruit Juice - Jellycan
Blackberry Vodka - Pennya?
Fruit - Nona Whitby?
Tia Maria - Dawny
Whisky - Scotchmi5t
Pink Wine - Laura 82
Pink Lemonade - Katie Bev
Cloudy Lemonade - Katie Bev
Ginger Beer - Katie Bev
Sherry - Sparkly
random spirit - Sparkly
Flavoured vodka - Sparkly
Vodka for jellies - Foxy77 (to be given to BO the weekend before)
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I have a tiny bit of Blue Curaco left in my stash at uni which I can bring with me. Tis no more than 1cm in the bottle though! Will see what else I ahve in my small stash!


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I've got a bottle of dark rum!
Also got some bottles of sparkling wine/cava that have been sat in my cupboard since my 18th waiting for an occasion, I think a girly weekend with mates is a good enough one!


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Can i put in a request for shot glasses to borrow
I will also be bringing a Smoothie maker so if anyone wants to bring fuit i will be bringing ice lol


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Having talked to my daughter she suggested that I bring Apple Sours with me so I will get a bottle and bring that, but I also have some wine that I can bring.

Btw regarding cocktails, do you need any Grenadine? not sure of the spelling, but daughter said it was good for mixing in cocktails..... I don't even know what it is lol.

I think we have maybe 4 or 6 shot glasses maybe more, that I can bring if we can find them at the unit, alot of our stuff is still in storage from having had the kitchen over hauled and are only just trying to get sorted out now.

Nona :)


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Since I've just inherited an almost full bottle of tequila from SG2G2 I shall bring that with me, fingers crossed it survives the jounrey!

Very very sleepy now, off to find my cuppa.



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My sloe gin won't be ready, but I could probably knock up some fruity vodka if the blackberries haven't all been scavenged yet, or I could experiment with apples from next doors tree?

If you'd rather have shop bought than home made let me know, I was planning on bringing wine anyway. :D


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Ok just re-read the list n seen Malibu there. How about a couple of bottles of pink???


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I'll bring some mixers - e.g. pink lemonade, ginger beer and perhaps cloudy lemonade.
I think ASDA sells flavoured vodka or similar - I'll bring something that looks interesting!
i have various bottles of stuff in my cupboard which i am more than happy to bring, see as the only time they seem to get drunk these days is when i ventrue to a G2G. They consist of a red wine, some sherry (used once for a cake lol), and some sort of sprit thing which you mix with various bits and bobs, more than happy to contribute.