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BIG GIG - Wembley Oct 2015


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We are applying for tickets for the Rangers. We went last year, but managed to get some of the tickets left over so we were right at the back. Hoping we get tickets again and are nearer the front! We only have 3 girls and 2 adults.


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Yup - have applied for 15 tickets for my Guides :D

Some of mine were rather disappointed we didn't go last year, but they weren't actually Guides at the time of application so goodness knows how they'd figured they'd have a ticket even if we had!
Almost all of them want to go which is great, plus I've offered to get one for my niece to come with us too as her Guide unit went last October so aren't applying this time - she'd only just moved up from Brownies then so missed out. :)


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District have applied as a group and I'm going in that group if we get tickets. I was in the District group in 2013 for the first time, so at least I know this time what I'm letting myself in for !! :)


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We have tickets!
We go every year and normally end up at the back of the terrace next to the stage... last year was the first time in a long while that we managed to get seats on the floor. Fingers crossed for good seats again this year :)


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We have got tickets for our Rangers. Got 3 Rangers, 1 14 year old Guide (staying to finish BP) and 3 adults going. We are about half way down the right side of the stage and half way up the block. Not particularly great seats, but better than last year where we were right at the back because we bought some of the leftover tickets they had.


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Could someone offer some advice on this. Wembley have taken the money so does that mean we have got tickets? And does it take a while for all emails confirming to come out?

Then for the more seasoned Big Gigger question: What time does it finish? I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a train back to our city or whether I'm going to have to arrange staying the night somewhere. And if staying the night, does anyone have any suggestions (as cheap as possible with minimal luggage)



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I would say if money has left the bank then you have tickets. I received my email confirmation before the money left the bank. I have heard of peeps getting a letter instead of an email....Evening performance finishes at 9.45 (its on the booking form)


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You will need to allow time to get out of Wembley and to the tube station. That can take a while. I wouldn't want to get to a train in a rush, so I would leave plenty of time.


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You could stay the night at Icando centre in Town or maybe see if a local unit has facilities for sleepover

On another note, this event allows our Girls to take drinks and snacks into the auditorium unlike other events.


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Ella Henderson has been announced as first act .... 28 days to go :) Had delivery today of 450 yards of tulle ribbon, wide ribbon and headwear and made my sample tutu .. now to give the guide leaders a how to so the other 44 can make theirs !