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Brighton accommodation for nephew ideas


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My 35 year old nephew has got a job in Brighton starting 5th January and is seriously struggling to find affordable accommodation. His preference is to live alone of course, but. Ant find anything in his budget-he is going to be an office manager so not high salary. Any ideas friends of anything temporary even as time is running out for him to find something and I am a worried Aunite! Thanks.


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Brighton city centre can be expensive if going it alone, he might find it better to look out towards, portslade, hangleton, patcham or bevendean and might have to consider a house share in short term till he is down and then gets a handle on where he would prefer. Buses are very reliable and regular across the city.

if he can't find anything would he consider looking on airbnb?


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Kipps Hostel (Kipps Hostel), near pier, is very good. More for backpackers etc, but they do have single rooms and I think there are people who stay for longer sessions. May tide him over until he finds something more permanent? I think there are a couple of other similar places - Google backpacker hostel.