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Brownie 40th birthday


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I have been informed that our pack is due to celebrate its 40th birthday in October. I am still in contact with the Brown Owl who set it up back in the 70s and her assistant leader and the subsequent leader before me. I was thinking that it might be nice to have a celebration party and maybe invite all previous leaders? However that's as far as I've got! I am a little concerned about how I manage 30 over excited Brownies whilst appearing under control (as I think former Brown Owls had smaller pack and probably less chaotic!) If we go down Hostess route, how do I keep Brownies occupied? As we don't go back until 14th September, I haven't got long to rehearse anything etc) If I go down traditional birthday party route how do I make it a meaningful occasion for the older adults (some of whom are obviously now well into their 70s) rather than just an additional pair of helping hands for the evening?
I am obviously planning on asking the girls for their ideas, though this doesn't usually go very well, and they need a lot of steering. Maybe i'm now overthinking this, but I would be very grateful for any thoughts or ideas!?


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We did an event at a local 'home for the elderly' a few months ago, where we played games that suited both age groups (beetle was the most popular, though we also did others that I'm struggling to remember, but can dig out our programme when I get home if that would help). We split the girls and 'seniors' into mixed groups, with at least 3 Brownies in each group - the Brownies circulated after each round of Beetle, allowing the 'seniors' to remain in their seats (most of them weren't very mobile!). The evening went much better than I'd thought it would, with very positive feedback from both the Brownies and the 'seniors'. We'd also made some flower decorations for each of the 'seniors' (actually I vaguely recall it was near Mothering Sunday - and most of the people who came were ladies, though the gents also got flowers which they seemed to quite enjoy!). If you wanted to do something similar you could make each of the previous leaders who are coming a small present to thank them for all their help in leading the unit.


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How about asking your girls to choose from a list of roles? You can link them to badges if you like or just assemble teams. Cooks make the food (the clause about preparing items for a party), hostesses decorate and serve at tables, entertainers put together a programme...

We also had a great time when we interviewed former members - parents had to come and help scribe for some - about their Guiding memories. It worked much better than I anticipated.