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Brownie and her sister, who's a guide moving to Dubai


I have a brownie who is moving to Dubai later on this term with her family. Her mum and dad are eager that both my brownie and her sister who is a guide carry on in the guiding movement. They also want to know about scouts for the youngest child, a boy.

My brownie will be 10 in September and her sister will be 11 in July.

At the moment I am waiting to hear from the family which part of Dubai they will be living in and the name of the school the girls and their younger brother (nearly 5) will be going to.

Could someone PM with either their details so that I can give them to the family along with their membership numbers (older sister was one of my brownies so I've got access to her number as well) so that they can contact you once they get there, or if you would prefer for me to get the family's address (they are signing on a property at the weekend) to give to you instead.

I hope that all makes sense, but feel free to come back to me.

Family are well travelled (having lived in Scotland, USA, Hong Kong and Nottingham) and mum has been an asset on the parent rota. She also has resources from Hong Kong and the USA from when they lived there that she has brought into brownies.

Many thanks
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Guide and SS Guider
replied to both with my email address - now can someone send me some more leaders please - have plenty of girls!!

I did try sending you a PM but your box is full.

I've passed on your details to the mum concerned so hopefully she'll contact you sooner rather than later.

Thanks for your help