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Brownie had Epileptic Seizure - what forms ?


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Last week I took my Brownies away, A girl who I was aware is Epileptic had a seizure. Are there any official forms I need to fill in ? Incident Form ? And who should I send them too ?


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Not unless she had an accident as a result.

If you have an agreed care plan with her parents (if not you can download one and complete it), then you just follow the agreed care plan with them and care for the individual.


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I would suggest it is recorded on her health form or in your first aid log the same as any other incident that needs attention or treatment. That then needs to be kept for whatever the advised period of time is.


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We regularly have this with some of our Guides who are epileptic. Only need official forms if she has been hurt as a result. Otherwise just record time, date and length of seizure on back of health form and keep forms for the recommended amount of time.