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Brownie In Need


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Brownie A has been at the unit for a year now and we are holidng a camp and she wants to attend.

However Brownies A's parents aren't exactly well of. Her dad is currently of ill from work and her mum is also working but we don't know the hours.

We have held events in the past and they have managed to pay for her but with the camp they're going to struggle.

As a unit we are unable to cover the camp for A but we have already covered events and further events are to be covered by unit funds.

Any contributions would be grateful.


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I have a Guide who had a year's worth of subs covered & her uniform paid for through a local iniatitve/grant. She has Aspergers Syndrome and financial issues at home. It's made the world of difference to her & her family I don't know if there is anything locally you could look at but that might be worth investigating.


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is it her dream to go to camp? she could apply to the Centenary fund

Could you class your unit as being in an 'in need' area? you could apply to the UK Units in need fund for money to subsidise all the girls to go to camp

try your District/division/County/Trefoil Guild/Country or Region to see if they have any spare pockets of money for hardship purposes

try lions/rotary/soroptomists as they might be up for a few quid


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I don't know how to go about trying lions/rotary/soroptomists as I'm new to being in charge of a unit and never come across a situation like this.


You would need to trace your local group for organisations such as this, they usually have websites which will give information on local branches and the procedure for applying to them for grants. For grants within Guiding, your District Commissioner may know whether there are funds at County level, or be able to find out for you, without any need for publicity.