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Camp Crafts


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At Guides we like to do a craft in the spring / early summer term that is geared towards our summer camp. (May as well make the craft activity something useful as they make more of an effort then, plus it is nice to have personalised kit at camp).

Over the past few years we have done:

* Personalised cutlery (with fimo)
* Personalised mugs (nail varnish on aluminium or enamel mugs)
* Tie dye or tea towel plate bags
* Decorated pillowcases

It would be good to do another craft that the older girls have not already got. Any more bright ideas please?! (To clarify, it is a craft to be done BEFORE camp, to be used at camp, rather than a craft to be done while away at camp).

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You could go complex, doing tie dye or something to colour the fabric, and/or add design with fabric paints/pens, plus then sewing the mats up... Or really easy, and go with colouring in a picture and laminating it?


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Wellie pegs with pyrograpghy names / designs

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We always do sit-up-ons with our brownies before camp to make sure everyone new has one (& those who've lost theirs get another).
We usually do woven newspaper mats that are then contacted. I've also seen good folded newspaper ones (hard to explain, but they fold up nicely to go in your backpack), and ones down with plastic table cloth sewn or melted together.

Other useful camp things I've seen people make:
- Shower Bags (a cloth bag you put your toiletries, change of clothes, thongs etc. in to carry to showers)
- Personal First Aid Kits ( decorated plastic boxes, then filled with necessities)
- Buddy burners (slightly less crafty, but useful)
- Beanies (there are interesting ones where you don't have to sew, but tie tips of polar fleece to crete the pompom which holds it together)
- decorated plastic/enamel plates (Think the ones I had seen had come in a kit...)


It sounds like the oldest ones at least will have most of the functional stuff they need - perhaps you could do a skill teach-in craft such as mini gadget-making, or how to use an axe/saw safely, or whittling - some of these options wouldn't have a 'craft to take home', but would be fun for all as well as useful for those going to the camp.
We always make 'craft bags' before camp. The girls decorate their own paper/canvas bags to the theme of camp. Then everything they make or collect can go in their own bags and kept in a box. At home time there isnt the usual meltdown when a girl can't find this and that.

Making swaps before camp is also a good idea. Also painting glow in the dark sticks for hanging wellies on outside tents/huts.

Erm, trying to think what else we make that is always a fun craft that's useful too. X