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Question? can anybody help my query?


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Was at Rainbows last week and a girl came in at the start saying she wanted to help out, she's 18 an moved for uni.

i'm not sure what to do in the situation, do i have to inform anyone about her helping, having gone through every section myself i dont know how someone just walks in off the streets.

i hope this makes sense and someone can help lol


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Did you ask her how she found your unit? I've moved units for uni myself, but have never just walked in off the street, or known anybody else to do so. Maybe she knows someone in your district who told her about your unit? I'm not entirely sure what to do, but she'll need to be put on Go! and have a CRB check. I'd have a quick word with your DC about the situation.


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Your DC will need to meet her and arrange for to have a CRB check and be entered on GO. Also your DC will establish what role she would like - does she want to do her ALQ, be an occasional helper, be a unit helper?


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In our area another leader does CRBs - it's not the DC. Ask the DC who does CRB checks in your District and they can take it from there. You can chat to her yourself about whether she wants to be a full time UH or a qualified Leader or whether she wants to try it out before moving on to her ALQ.


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we pick up leaders in supermarkets when bag packing so for someone to walk in off street not unusual,especially if they've seen you arrive at meeting place or been told by someone local you are there. Check if she has been in guiding at home, she may be on Go already, then if not on Go, she needs to be put on, DC can do that, and once on Go you can get your District or div CRB person to do that for her, when CRB comes back it needs matching to her Go record before she will be live on the system, in the meantime as you would with a parent, ensure not left alone with the girl(s) during meetings. And well done on recruiting without even trying!


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If she's at uni is it likely she's joined the local SSAGO group and has been sent from there?
Here in bangor, we organise for students to go and help in local units, although we ask around first to find out which units want help so everyone knows what's going on.
If that's the case, it might be worth getting in contact with the group to find out about them and what they can do for you.


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Whenever, and however, a new volunteer reaches us the first step is always to get them introduced to the DC who should be getting all the various checks in place and ensuring they are on GO... by whatever route (as Join Us is now sweeping out rapidly and new volunteers will be entered via that in the same way as everyone else).

So contact the DC who should meet them and set wheels in motion.


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Same happened to us last week. We had to send her away as here we allocate units centrally and she'd already signed up at fresher's fayre so we had her details and were in the process of placing her. If it was a different group I may have let her stay and helped out and then contacted the DC to ask if she could remain with us but we've got to be very careful about who comes into contact with one of our girls at the moment so can't just let anyone walk in and help.


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I suppose we are lucky that DC is brownie guider and when people turn up to our meeting she is usually still there so can be introduced etc at the time.


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thanks all, is a CRB check like a disclosure? never heard it called that before lol!

the division commissioner is popping along to our meetin this week so that should set that in motion. she mentioned last week she was interested in her ALQ, turns out her mother is a guider lol. she did some asking around and thats how she found my unit. panicking an paranoid over nothing, this time lol.

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Crb is a basically just a background check, making sure none of your potential leaders have robbed a bank :) they take a little while sometimes but everyone in guiding needs one


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Disclosure is the Scottish system - pretty much identical to CRB which is the English (& Welsh & NI, I think ;) ) system.


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