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Question? Can unit helpers run a meeting if the Guider is sick or absent ?


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We have 2 unit helpers and a Guider-in-charge only. The unit helpers have been CRB checked. Does anyone know what the rules are ? Can the unit helpers still run a meeting if the Guider is sick ?


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if they are happy to do so and you have permission from DC. If possible see if any other leaders even from other sections are willing to fill in for a week, so at least you have a leader present. Discuss with DC though.


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Agree with Bess - DC should be informed and can assess if UHs are up to the task (eg how experienced are they, have they FA training etc).


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it's up to the DC, so if it were an last minute thing it would be safest to cancell, and if it's apossible in the future i would be best to discuss it in advance with the DC to make sure you have a plan for emergency contact details/keys/activities and to make sure she is happy

this is one of those cases where it is possible, but hte DC needs to know and give explicit permission, this is not assumed by default