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canvas bags

hi my brownies have asked to design there own bags next term, and before i go hunting for them i was wondering where others have brought calico or cotton bags from and have you found they shrink if washed


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I bought mine on good old eBay. I haven't tried washing them though, so no idea if they shrunk.

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hobby craft, for canvas shoppers about A4 size £1 each, they do need washing before hand and they did shrink a little after washing but not by much!


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cottonbagco.co.uk: pack of 50 natural cotton bags for £34.75 incl delivery and VAT, and you'll have enough left over for another year or for a holiday or camp activity.


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In the past (can't find one today) we have found cotton bags being sold off by companies who do printed ones for pennies. If they have a batch delivered creased they don't go through the printing machines and will cost more to iron than to just scrap so every so often these come up at next to nothing. If you don't need them son just keep looking on all the marketing bumph sites. It will take a while though.