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Question? Celebrate World Thinking Day Alexandra Palace


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You might want to remove your email from that post to prevent getting loads of spam.

We may need 1 more ticket (either Guide or Brownie) for Sunday, but need to find out for definite if one of our Brownies is coming first.


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Sorry it's Saturday tickets we have. I know there is a chance of spam but it's a lot easier than using the PM thingy as we're usually reading stuff on our mobiles/tablets and this website isn't great on mobile format.


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I have 12 tickets for the 22nd (well they're wristbands) if you're interested in more. Can post today.Willing to sell for £10 each…bargain ;)


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have you got enough tickets for 22nd? I have bracelets (yellow) and could get them posted tomorrow if you want them. Louise