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centenary chalet crew!


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Oh and the other bonus of that weekend is that 10th April is the WAGGGS Centenary Celebration Day, which would be sweet to celebrate at a World Centre!

Those who expressed an earlier interest can you post what you think of the suggested date? If we do wanna do this then the sooner we can crack on the better as I can imagine the various chalets etc getting booked up pretty quickly..................


ooooh Im now Brownies GiC!!
il have a nosey at work on monday 2see if i can find a calendar an check wat dates our hols will be nxt yr!! :)


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I was semi thinking that maybe arranging flights regionally might work, but I think this will depend on who's coming from where. Need to think about that a bit more.........
(you'd never guess I was on a GAINING training earlier today would you??!!! lol!)


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I'm interested! I think once we know where people are coming from, we can look at arranging flights from different airports. We are certainly spoilt in Nottingham in choice of airports!
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I would be interested, but also might need to juggle around taking my Rangers to Eurodisney for the 10th anniversary of our unit AND the centenary at Easter 2010. Also need to juggle husband too!


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May half term is usually the same week in all LEA's.

I guess it depends what people want from the week whether Easter hols or May half term is a better option.

Easter hols would be organising own activities, less chance to mix with the staff/volunteers, less likely to be other groups there. But the advantage would be you could go for two weeks and might get snow if lucky (there's not usually snow that late - but went I went in 2006 it snowed the whole time I was there - very exciting - and how I've always pictured the chalet:)

May half term - if it is adult high adventure week - going for a programme week would mean everythings organised, (we'd get to know the volunteers as they run all the activities and do a brilliant job) so would meet at least some international guiders.

When we wrnt in May the programme wasn't compulsory - some people were still there as B and B, so if that was the same, people could have the option of programme or not, and still be there the same week and able to socialise in the evenings.


didn't realise you where on this as well..

I went in may half term 2008 and loved it and yes i would be interested in going again but only in school hols/..

Any dates sorted?