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Centenary G2G


beautiful country have many fond memories got to know a few young ladies when i was over there Might have to be carefull where I went now


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Our chalet is amazing and if you cater for yourselves can be quite cheap, Cat and I went with two others in october and if you book your flights early enough, it can be cheaper than expected.
A centenary g2g would be amazing! and I want to come to another as i only got to go to the first one so far as I lost my internet access for a whole 9 months!!!!!
Maybe we could have some sequential g2g's so that we dont exclude anyone, im on the Centenary camp team for harewood house, so april is probably out for me, and I wanted to apply to be on the world conference team which are also meeting 20.10.2010!!!
but maybe we could have a few g2g's on the same weekend, have reps to organise each one, so one in the south, one in the midlands and one in the north?
That way if you dont have much money you dont have to fork out loads in transport costs.
(and still have an our chalet group too!)
What do people think?


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I would love to go to a Centenary G2G - count me in! I don't know any centenary events happening here yet so I'm free for any dates right now.

I would also love to go to Our Chalet, but as somebody said before, won't it be pretty booked up already in 2010?


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If you're thinking of Ireland - how about Lorne? If we went in the summer people could camp to keep costs down or stay in the house.
My Division went there a few years sgo, had a great time...something about trying t outdrink the Irish......and i'm teetotal:bigcry:

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I would love to go to our Chalet but in reality I think a mass Guiders G2G would be a great idea. If you went for regional G2Gs it would save on the cost of travel.

Like the idea of Ireland though - "abroad" but close to hand.

I think 20.10, 2010 would be out as we have things planned in our County and there is the mass remaking of our Promise. Also the Scottish school holidays are different to the English ones - they even differ from one Local Authority to another.

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How about and I do know it has been done before - visiting all our the UK training centres rather than going abroad.

We could start at one, possibly Hautbois, then travel up to Netherurd, back down to Waddow, onto Broneirion, then hop over to Lorne and finish at Foxlease's. Or we start at Pax Lodge than then go round? That way, anyone could join up for the whole time or just the one's local to them? We could make it during the school holiday's for those who have school commitments and try and have themes for each venue relating to a different part of guiding? I have probably just dropped myself in it for organising, but quite happy to do this if we all agreed? Best time would either be summer term I think to ensure length or possibly May?

I am happy to sort this all out, if you want to either continue comments or PM me. I have already said I would be happy to help organise Our Chalet if that's what you would prefer.


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count me in :) i wanna do something coooooooooooooooll
can e do something at icando? its easy for me to get to