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Christmas themed songs


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My brownie unit is going on pack holiday in December for me to do my going away with licence. Does anyone know any good Christmas campfire songs? Also my girls love oh you'll never get to heaven so any Christmas verses for that would be great too.

Thanks in advance
Lyns x

Batty Owl

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The girls may well be learning some for a school Christmas play or carol service that they want to share or sing along with
Off the top of my head;
You never get to heaven on Santa's sleigh cos Santa's sleigh don't go that way
You'll never get to heaven in the mince pie tin, cos the Lord don't let no crummy one in.
You'll never get to heaven on a Christmas tree, cos a Christmas tree's too prickly
You'll never get to heaven with a fairy light, cos a fairy light is none too bright
You'll never get to heaven with Santa's elf, cos Santa's elf goes by itself

Hope it all goes well. have fun


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You could do traditional carols with the girls and also fun Christmas songs such as when Santa got stuck up the chimney, Rudolph and Jingle Bells.