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Question? Closed Facebook Groups and Photos


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We have a closed Facebook group for the unit where I share photos of activities. Parents enjoy seeing the photos and regularly comment on them.

This week a parent has tagged herself in one of the photos. If I approve the tag request will this show on her personal Facebook page and therefore show to her friends all the other girls who are in the photo.

I have photo permission for all the girls but not sure where I stand with other girls appearing on a parents profile page.


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i would refuse the request. Though the girls have permission for photos i'm sure the other parents would not be impressed that they are shared by other parents.
Maybe write it in the guidelines for using the group. that photos can viewed but not shared or tagged.


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Just as an aside point, you could ask parents not to share, but there's nothing you can do on FB which would stop the parents being able to screenshot (Or just download) the photo from the group and put it on their own page... I would, jsut to be safe, not put ANY photos on of girls who can't be photographed, and make it very clear that whilst you would ask parents not to save these pics, some parents may wish to download pics and share on their pages


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The bottom line is, if you have photo permission then that picture is fine to be on social media and to be shared. If you don't have photo permission then that photo shouldn't be on there at all. A closed group makes no difference.