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Crystal Palace Pilgrimage


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Does anyone have any more information on the maze? The guiding website doesn't give much away, and I want to visit there when I get back from Switzerland in Feb.


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There's hardly any info, just that it opens September! Not even when! ANyone got a more specific date? I may be down that way in a couple of weeks time and if it was open it would be nice to go have a look :)
how easy is it to get to the maze? we're going t icando in april and wondered about going to te maze but wasn't sure if it was feasable or not.


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how easy is it to get to the maze? we're going t icando in april and wondered about going to te maze but wasn't sure if it was feasable or not.
I think it should be very easy. Crystal Palace station is run by Southen trains which all start at Victoria, just round the corner from ICANDO!! I think you should be able to go straight from Victoria to crystal palace. Not sure how far away the station is from the park, but don't think it's too far!!


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if your in a wheelchair dont bothher - we got stuck! its all gravely

i have a program.... but no scanner


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its about 5 mins walk - very easy - you want the sports entrance then its over in the corner - not up on the terraces (was @ launch :))


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CP Station - trains from : London bridge, Victoria and croydon.

theres a really good leaflet - though where you get it ive no clue!

busesare 2,3,63,122,137a,202,227,306,322,358,194,227,312.... hope that helps


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This sounds ace.
I would be up for meeting up at CHQ, doing the maze, maybe getting lunch and then off to G2G4!
Eee, exciting!


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I was at the Crystal Palace launch party yesterday and visited the maze (spent a while trying to find the middle but was worth it!). I would thoroughly recommend people try and visit if they are in the area. There is a lovely centre piece which contains the guiding trefoil etc, and there are stones throughout which have guiding links. My brownies thought the maze was one of the highlights of their day.

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I think we are going to do the Maze before Switzerland depending on travel times fluffy . We will be travelling fromBolton which is only dwn the road fom you!


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Yeah, upstairs at CHQ is the shop and then downstairs is ICANDO which has the members area.
So its a pretty good place to meet up.


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YUp, we get to go play on the the tube trains! woo-woo!

I've got us a map sorted Scotch :) hehe!! We need to get from Euston to Victoria for CHQ then follow everone else! lol !

Are there opening times for the members loungey thing, do we need to let them know we are descending on them in bulk?

AND most important question!! Do you think Scotch and I could leave our bags there for the day while we explore London and do the Crystal Palace thing? Be so much easier than carting our life around on our backs all day.



We arrive at London Euston, so I think we will have to get the tube to Crystal Palace?


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i'm taking the guides to the maze big gig weekend!

Don't think i'll be coming again with you guys though... have a neuropsychiatry lecture that finishes at 12, so wouldn't be in london until the afternoon!


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You could try emailing CHQ to ask about leaving bags there. I am going to try to bring a smallish bag, but...

Alternatively, some of the coach and train stations have places where you can leave bags, but they do charge for that. Victoria has one - it cost me about £3,50 for about 4-5 hours a few years ago, but it's not a locker style thing where we could all just chuck our stuff in together - they scan them first and it's a price per bag.