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Date Change 11th-13th April


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Ok, so it appears that the weekend we'd chosen doesn't work for a lot of you. If the weekend of 11-13th April would be better, and you'd like to come, please comment below or e-mail G2Gtipi@gmail.com.

See the previous post in the section for all the details.

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I'd be interested, but obviously have a lot on this year! So saying, a weekend away chilling and catching up with you lot may be what I need....I've always wanted to stay in a tipi.
Probably best not counting me in definite numbers at this stage though.


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I can do that weekend too! In fact it's slightly better as it is in the Easter Holidays, so I'll definitely be off all day Friday (so could come down earlier to help set up if you like!) and I'll have the whole of the following week off to 'recover' too! ultimately though it's up to you, but either weekend is fine for me so count me in as a definite!!


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Just heard back from my allocators - 11-13th April is a no go for leave! And I'm already away on the original date.
So no G2G Tipi for me this time... :bigcry:


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The 13th is my birthday! Would that mean the weekend could involve cake?

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