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Day trip checklist


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I am a assistant brownie leader and we are planning a trip to Eureka in Halifax. The task of the organising has been left to me (the young leader will be helping for her training) and I don't know where to start. Has anyone got a checklist they use when planning a trip that they could share with me?

I know vaguely what I need to plan but am worried I'll leave something out haha

Thanks in advance
Lyns x


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I dont have a checklist as such but I tend to start with thinking through the day from start to end and then working my way back through the resources and paperwork needed.
For example, how are you travelling? Do you need to get quotes for buses or if parents are dropping off where is a safe place to meet? Do you know the facilities or is a pre-visit needed?
Do an initial risk assessment and plan so you know what needs including on the consent form. How far in advance do you need to book places/pay for tickets? This will dictate your closing dates for forms and money (allow a bit of extra time).
Who will be your home contact for the day? How will you supervise the girls, small groups with an adult each, all together? What is your lost child procedure, will the girls have wristbands with your number on?
Essentials for a day trip are forms, contact list, mobile phone fully charged, small first aid kits, sick bucket if travelling by coach, extra bottles of water. I am sure others will add more.
A bit rambling sorry but sit down and run through the day and all the little extras will come to mind as you go.


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I'd agree with the method of thinking it through step by step.

The first step is always check the manual, something general may not have a specific page but it's useful to check ratio's etc before you get too carried away. It can also remind you of any other steps you need.

Then put it into sections, budget, transport, activity, food, communication.

Risk Assessments are important and part of the planning process too. If your meeting place doesn't have good safe space for all the cars, meet somewhere else, it's easier to arrange at the start than once notes have gone out.

Don't try and do it all yourself. Ask one of the other leaders to be 'first aider' for the day and bring the sick bucket, wipes etc. Less on your plate.

Run your ideas by one of the others to see what you've missed or other ideas, it's easy to forget something simple.

Finally and most importantly, know where the toilets are ..they will be the last thing needed before setting out and the first thing needed on arrival...


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Thanks. That's given me ideas to get started with.

Its not going to be until next year but as there are a few things for people to pay for in the next few weeks we wanted to let them know so they can budget (it won't be very expensive though).


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have a check on venue requirements, what the girls will need to bring, what the leaders will need to bring as well, inc sick bucket, spare clothes, spare drinks, sitters etc (depending on what you are doing obviously)!


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We took Rainbows to Eureka for the centenary so:
First Aid kit
Lots of bottles of water to take with you - our bags were stored away so girls couldn't access drinks when needing one, meaning that one poor girl almost collapsed on me. So I'd recommend girls carrying a bottle with them at all times too.

Baby wipes- they're always helpful

Some pens/pencils/notebooks etc- there's things you can write down/sheets you can get the girls to take part in at Eureka.

A camera! Eureka is great fun!

Make sure your girls are wearing long trousers/leggings etc as there are lots of places to go crawling!


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I've previously worked with Eureka as part of my degree.
The staff are fantastic and wonderfully attentive. All have experience of working with children.
email eureka for any info you need, what they recomend you bring, risk assessments etc.
Once there if you need anything just ask the staff :)