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Discussion V: Branding, has it worked?


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The other subject didn't seem to be much of a goer so here is the next!

How successful would you say the "new" branding has been?

*Has it been "embraced" fully by your local Guiding (used on letter heads, units having used the online print centre to personalise, not using an edited version of the old logo).

*Are we more recognisable? Can you pick it out of a crowd instantly ? Do you have friends and family say "I spotted this"? Has it become as well known as yellow and blue?

*Do you think it's clear what our "brand" is? Is it any clearer than it was five years ago?

*What tweaks could be made in your opinion?


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My opinion:

I like that there is more consistency between the sections, but I find the speech bubbles can look a bit "busy" and on letters can be ink intensive. I think it has helped to display unity between sections (some people don't realise how many sections we have- or that they are a part of the same organisation)

The "we discover, we grow" I haven't really seen anyone that excited about, but haven't heard any one reject it either. I find people don't use it as much as girls in the lead though, more popular are the girls can… items.

The branding doesn't look right on flags, in my opinion it's garish. I prefer a simple trefoil and name with section colours.

Guiding is also in the news a bit more.


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Having a logo with four different versions, depending on where on the page it is, doesn't really work. I have seen so many posters, leaflets etc. with the wrong one used.

It doesn't work on the badge tabs either. They should have the metal bit the shape of the logo.

I also think the flags would be better with a trefoil.


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I like the fact I can use the logos, with unit names, but guidance on which one to use where is a bit hard to find. The flags and tabs- nope, like the old ones better.
Don't forget the logos can be used in black and white as well as colour.

The headed paper is a bit odd as it is a pdf, so you have to double print to use it. A word doc would be better, or a file you can import as a header and footer.

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Within guiding locally it seems generally to be used.

Personally I only use the Brownies logo, specific for our unit, on letters etc only in b&w and very small

Externally I'm not convinced Jo Public is any more aware. The flags look, kind of unimportant, no tradition or history,. I am not saying they should be 1920's style, but scout branding seems to have managed to keep the recognisable parts while updating their branding


Organisations with successful branding have a consistent, familiar logo. One consistent, familiar logo. If you were to ask the public which shape they would link with Guiding, it would be a Trefoil shape. Yet our logo does not feature a trefoil at all.

Until we have one logo, use it on everything, for at least 10 years solidly, we stand no chance of it becoming familiar to the public.


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'We Discover, We Grow' isn't exactly catchy - I don't think it has caught on very well. The tiles can confuse some people, and there is no sign of the Trefoil. It was used for a hundred years without a problem, and is still on uniform, so why is it not on branding? The Trefoil helps to link the different sections and is widely recognised as a Guiding symbol, just as the fleur-de-lys is associated with Scouting.

I think sometimes CHQ try to be trendy, but fail in their attempt. Smart consistency through the sections is needed. I hope that the new programme, with the badges designed to link sections, will help to recreate some continuity - but it needs to show on the badges.

With the new programme, I think we are likely to have a new strapline.

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If I could I'd scrap the lot and go back to a simple trefoil on everything. The current branding does not I suspect say 'Guiding' to anyone outside the movement. As Kingfisherblue has said people associate the trefoil with Guiding and probably 'Be prepared' as well. I do use the branding because I am required as a leader to do so, but find myself mentally adding things to the strapline. We discover, we grow (?) Yes I had noticed that Guides are bigger than Brownies and they in turn are bigger than Rainbows. Be prepared (?) yes I can go with that anytime with no mental additions.


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I really dislike the bubble - I am happy to use a uniform shape provided it's one I can create in word.... I don't like the faff of having to generate it in the online print centre, then having it insist on me putting in all my details even though it's free. It frustrates me.

Having said that, I like what they were trying to achieve, and I think it is starting to work better as a whole...whether it makes us more recognisable...I don't know...


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No, no and no. I genuinely don't think the average parent or Guide could care less if things are on-brand. Setting up the local logos and using the right one on the right place is a real faff. It's just too complicated.


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I don't mind the bubble & tiles as a current branding, and I mostly* like the colour definitions, but there are places where it just doesn't work: Flags and uniforms mainly. The Trefoil *is* our identity and the trapezoid bubble should support but not replace the trefoil.

The tagline is OK but I prefer the US Girl Scouts' one: "Building girls of courage, confidence and character..."

(*I think the Girl Guide colours were badly chosen -- they should have kept Girlguiding blue and had a less-orange red which didn't clash with the Union Jack.)


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I generated the logo to use on letters and we use one within our district but I don't think that outside of Guiding people are aware that it is "branding". With a lot of stuff that comes from CHQ nowadays (well ever since the 100 years celebrations) I feel like it is people sitting in an office trying to come up with ideas that we have to implement without really having any understanding of how us volunteers run our units e.g. reading through the guidelines on identity is a massive chore, created by people who work in marketing and I don't think it fits with the Leaders working on the ground.


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I do wish the Trefoil in the logo was bigger - it is not on any uniform except the Adult uniform, which I think is a mistake. It could be added in the same position on the Guide uniform, and instead of the flower in Brownies and at the start of the rainbow over the i on the Rainbow uniform.
I know they made the Guide uniform so it isn't too guidey but they could have kept that.


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I think we all have to buy into it...the Online facility is a bit clunky but you only have to do it once really. Making the brand recognisable is dependent on us all using it when out & about and on letters to parents etc. If we don't or use old stuff then it's inevitable that the public at large won't recognise it.

In a way we are all responsible for the change, how many units had individual unit logo's based a trefoil but had tweaked it slightly or changed the colour for t-shirts, hoodies etc. If this continued would a trefoil have featured at all? At least now we can include the unit name in a standard format so units are recognisable. The branding guidelines are quite laborious and strict, but again, with modern technology how easy is it for people to create designs which disguise our brand or alter it to the point it isn't recognisable anymore. Of all the various challenge badges on here, how many are within the guidelines and how many are refused or withdrawn because they don't comply.

We also have to recognise now that we live in a world where brands have to be registered and protected. We may have had a recognisable icon in the trefoil, which is still there but did say who and what we are ?


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I'm part of our Division communications group and Ellis from region came to discuss branding at our last meeting - she was the leader on BBC breakfast recently about the badge changes.
It was interesting to see even amongst us as quite established leaders that we may be using terminology and branding wrong. I think there has been a lack of take up as people find the site clunky and tend to stick with what we know as it may not have been well explained. Sticking with what we know then gets passed on to new leaders and then nothing changes.
We need to be a cohesive brand for people to recognise us at a glance - region are keen on same colours, fonts and logos being used.
NW has produced a quick guide to branding if you're interested.



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I don't mind the speech bubble for paperwork - but should be trefoil on flags, uniform etc. Speech bubble doesn't work well on signs either as there is nothing for a "middle" presentation.


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I havent seen the new branding on anything local. Flag wise i personally don't think it looks right. The older style trefoil everyone new was guiding. i think the hotpotch of old flags with the new ones is obvious where as previously it wasnt that obvious until the flags were lowered so when carried brown with yellow and blue with yellow. Girls in the lead was used way more.


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I always use the logo (I was Division PR for 5 years) but haven't really used the "We discover, we grow" at all. It has been difficult to get leaders to understand the branding rules as they can be quite confusing and I've had to adjust the logos so many times for people I've lost count!

I don't think the branding guidelines have helped public perception about us at all. Using the same fonts etc is all very well but who actually notices? Scouts have the right idea with making their logo front and centre and it hasn't changed much in 100 years. We already have something (the trefoil) that people know is us, so why hide it?

I like the new #ForTheGirl. It's short and to the point and says exactly what we do without needing explaining.


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To my mind 1 line is fine 2 is just about OK 3 is over kill. We have "We discover we grow" "doing our best" "Girls can" "For the girl" it is way too many - and who knows I may have missed others that are currently in use?
I think the reason "Girls in the lead" did well is that it was just the one strapline but personally think some leaders over used it, girls can only suggest what they know, it is up to the leaders to then guide them to other things/stretch them and certainly in my area some didn't do that which has now meant the new leaders don't have the experience in some activities and are therefore not confident to do them and in some cases don't even think of them as an option. For example ask a new 10 year old what she would like to do & it is likely she will suggest bowling, cinema, meals out, swimming etc as that is what she is familiar with and enjoys. Most won't think about cookouts & wide games.
I am probably in the minority so will post this & run!


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I do wonder now in hindsight if due to the reception of "we discover, we grow" that's why several different campaigns with different tags are all floating about- seeing what becomes successful? I have seen "girls can" used lots more but that's probably because it can be used easily in social media. I'm not sure if it would seem a bit simplistic for a "real" one along side the main logo.

Re the Trefoil, the message put across in a lot of the branding resources seems to be that they don't want it to become overused?