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Do you need a section specific leader at a district event?


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We have a district event coming up but unfortunately all the Rainbows leaders have had to pull out.
Brownie leaders and parent helpers can cover ratios, but are Rainbows allowed to come if none of their specific leaders will be there?
I think I've read they can't, but I don't know where I read it!


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When they go away they have to know the leaders.

I would suggest that the parents need to know that the adults that they drop their daughters off with won't be there, and let them make the decision for their daughter. You could maybe get a leader who will be there to the rainbow meeting before, and be their point of contacy during the event - 1 leader per rainbow group.

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There are no such rules for day events but it would be advisable for there to be someone who knows the girls such as a regular parent helper, young leaders etc..

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Section specific leader - no. But they do need to have sufficient adults for ratios, and ideally the Rainbows should have met at least one of the adults allocated to them recently, before the event.