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how do I expense printing?

For the time being I've been printing on my home PC with my own paper as I'd just taken over the group but no idea what the correct way on expensing all the printing I've been doing


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I think most units expense paper and ink cartridges. Look at what you use over a month or term and what percentage of that is on guiding paperwork. You can then work out how often those expenses should be charged to the unit. For example you might get through two ink cartridges in a term and about 50% of what you print is guiding related so you claim for one cartridge.


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It's not an exact science, like the pence-per-mile for car journeys.
Printing is a legitimate unit expense - how exactly you calculate it is the interesting bit. Agree with PP, that you'll probably end up averaging it somehow - maybe every second cartridge you buy, you submit the receipt to the unit. Same with reams of paper. What most folk seem to do is just charge the unit for a ream of paper & cartridge every now & again. You'll know your own household, if there's only you printing the odd email and everything else is Guiding-related, so the majority of running costs are for your unit.
It's the best anyone's been able to come up with yet .......

You'll be able to work out if that's fair & reasonable by seeing how much it costs to print / copy at e.g. the local library - that's the alternative, so yours will probably come in slightly cheaper than that overall.