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Felt tip pens


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Odd but I am curious what felt tips/colour pencils/ crayons do you use?

I hate with a passion those really cheap pens that dry out, squeak and leave bits of White.
Our pencils seem to be all broken so need some new ones

So any quality recommendations, that are affordable to buy a lot of?


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same, berol or Crayola a proper named brand I do the same with glue as cheap glue doesn't stick very well.

I do rainbows so we sometimes get the short stubby pens which are easier for small hands to hold.

Betty Brownie

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Always Berol, they're pricey but last for ages (I think I replace my Brownies ones once a year and that's usually only because they've lost colours / lids etc) and they, crucially, last yonks with the top off too. I find cheap felts a false economy- you have to replace them so often.


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Berol - you can buy a tub of 42 for less than £10 from Hope Education. I usually buy a tub of broad and a tub of fine tips. They last 2-3 years, so are really good value.

If you want a broad range of shades, Crayola Supertips are half price in Tesco at the moment, a pack of fifty for £4.50.
The Giotto ones are the best I've found.
We have a tub of wide ones & one of fine ones.
They have lasted AGES.
Well worth the money - no more cheap ones for me.


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Berol without a doubt! Ours last for years, in fact replaced some last year that we had been using happily for the last 5 years. Certainly worth paying the extra for such good quality :D


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I also find that if you get ones with fiddly lids, the girls won't put them on. The easier the lids are to put on and off, the more likely they are to use them :)