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Question? First Aid badge

Does the first aid badge have to be tested by someone like st.johns. or are we allowed to complete and award the badges with the girls ourselves? Just worried as it says the badge is valid for 2 years and therefore suggests that it should be tested or done with a professional rather than us?


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We asked two leaders from another unit to come in and teach the Brownies First Aid. They were both First Aid trained, and it was sufficient for us.


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Every 2 years is more to keep it fresh in your mind, like we do as leaders.

You can teach first aid to your girls for the badge if you have done your first response or equivalent, as far as I understand. However, you may want to ask someone who teaches it - either to leaders, or in another capacity - because they have experience in delivering the training, especially to non-adults? Also, you may need more adults to split into groups so that you can properly assess CPR etc. on a one to one basis.

IMHO it's one badge that should have a standard upheld when tested, because of the lifesaving skills it teaches.


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The one thing about the Guide first aid badge (currently) is that you have to know more to get that than first response as leaders.
We have done the Active Response badge, which covers CPR (got someone to come in and teach it) and basic first aid, and then covered the other bits though guides.


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Officially anyone can test it - although that's the point, there's not a "test". You don't have to "prove" anything to a tester any more.

But it is one of those badges that's meaningful - so more meaningful if you can get someone who has at least the same, if not more, knowledge than whoever delivered the training for the badge discuss with the girls what they learnt.