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Information: Food around Pax Lodge


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Hi All

We are hoping to combine the evening Big Gig with a visit to Pax Lodge, which means that we need to feed the Guides. I know there's no catering at Pax Lodge and wondered if anyone knows where we could eat either around there or nearer Wembley.

I dimly recall a Giraffe at Belsize Park, but that was a bit more than I budgeted for and getting a takeaway's not possible because there's no where to eat.

We are all fairly knowledgeable about London, but having some problems filtering through Guide age budget requirements.


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I'm sure that the last time we stayed at Pax Lodge we ordered take away pizza and they were happy to let us use the dining room (we were arriving back late, so had missed dinner) so it may be worth asking.

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Alternatively, there is a Pizza Express, and I'm fairly sure a take-away KFC nearby. For Pizza Express, you could ask parents if they have any tesco vouchers which could be used?


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we may be going to Pax Lodge for a visit next summer and I was looking at the same thing because we will probably do it on our last day (having left our luggage at the train station earlier from camping on the outskirts of london) and we are getting a sleeper bus/train home. Was thinking dinner close to Pax Lodge but didn't seem a lot of choice so was going to do pizza express closer to station later. We ask parents for tesco vouchers.


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Thanks guys. we are thinking about ordering in pizza or some other takeaway delivery.Will let you know how it all works out for those who are looking at a similar plan.