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Forum Guiding Acronyms...


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OK, some more general forum/chat abreviations as there are some up there!
LOL = laught out loud
BRB = be right back
WB = Welcome back

hmm, thought I would think of more than that but never mind!


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Excellent! Have added a couple more that I've thought of too.

Is there anyway of getting this stickied to the top of the forum at all please? If it drops off the first page it'll be no use! :D


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thanks for the sticky, this is great for newish Guiders like moi.

My Oh is in Drug and Alcohol work, and they have a few....most not suitable for here but purely for your amusement...
FOD-fell over drunk
FDD-falling down drunk
PRU-p*****d right up ( I tink this is a coventry saying!)

and your'e not on drinking binge, you are "in drink"

I don't suppose we should these to the list, as they are hardly relevant, but makes me laugh when he's on call and he is asking about his clients!


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Guiding is as bad as education for the acronyms... I'd not realised we had this many!

As a trainee teacher, I am trying to get to grips with general acronyms, school specific ones and uni specific ones. We decided the other day that the cruellest way to wind up a PGCE student is ask them " have you filled in form QBFKJRNS yet?" A new way of baffling /scaring off new Guiders?!


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Apparently, but due to the age of graduates and members of sagga I cant see you playing pub golf dressed as scooby doo characters.


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Yeah, but remember that a graduate can also be as young as 20, as I would have been had I gone to an English uni and not done a language degree.

*Wonders why, and who randomly unlocked the thread after so long...*


Rach or Dolly i'll answer to anything...
I graduated at 20 but many of the members of sagga are older due to me having all their details in the contacts book


PLC - Patrol Leaders' Council
PCP - Patrol Camp Permit
BP - Baden Powell (often used when referring to the Baden-Powell Challenge which older Guides tackle)
BPA - Baden-Powell Adventure (the last stage of the Challenge)
PH/BH Pack Holiday (the old term) and Brownie Holiday (the new terminology)
HQ - Headquarters
QM - Quatermaster - the new term is caterer
FA - First Aid
SHQ - Scottish Headquarters
TAC - Training and Activity Centres - e.g. Netherurd, Foxlease, Broneirion, Lorne, Waddow, Hautbois . . .


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Some may be ones that just I use but here ya go...!

OH- Occasional helper
OHM- Occasional helper, member
UHM- Unit Helper, Member
PH- Parent Helper
RG- Rainbow Guide
BG- Brownie Guide
GG- Girl Guide
GGA- Girl Guide Association
PHA- Pack Holiday adviser (CPHA- County Pack Holiday Adviser)
CA- Camp adviser (CCA- County Camp Adviser)
PRA- Public Relations Adviser
The 'Adviser' list goes on and on...RA- Rainbow Adviser, as does the 'Co-Ordinator' list... QGC- Queens Guide Co-Ordinator etc
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