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Free being me?


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3 of my seniors went to Our Chalet this summer and as part of the programme there completed free being me. They aren't sure if they can count this as a phase 2 international and neither am I.

Reasons for - on the look wider resource, it suggests WAGGGS initiatives such as surf smart or stop the violence as suitable international phase 2. Free being me is also a WAGGGS thing. I looked up the resource for this and surf smart and it seems both are of a similar "weight" in terms of activities and no more or less "international" as each other.

Reasons against - it doesn't seem to be strictly speaking 12hrs of work, but then again, neither does surf smart. Also it seems to be a resource directed at younger age groups, although was offered to them at Our Chalet.

So, conclusions? Phase one or two? International or personal values? None of the above?


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If it's new and a challenge to them, it can count for something! If it didn't cover the 12 hours then it doesn't cover phase two, however they could "top up" the hours if they follow it up with more research/ activities/ passing on what they learned, as long as it's a challenge for them. If it didn't take long and wasn't that challenging then maybe better suited to phase 1.

As for which octant it's best suited for, that really depends on they activities they covered and who they covered it with. Based on resource content, I'd have said personal values would be the best fit, but going abroad and completing a challenge with people from other countries has an international aspect to it regardless of what they actually covered together so that could work too.