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G2G7 Geocachers - Do you want to be friends!


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I'm now on the Geocaching site! Username is douglashatton - I was told it had to be a family account and then told I would be the only one to use it! Really need a GPS now. Went out today to look for the local caches, but my satnav coordinates only work for roads and the GPS on OH and DD mobiles aren't up to the job. Mind you we did have a lovely walk in woodland we didn't know was so nice or so close.


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I discovered there is a really nice, small, secluded park with a stream going through it about 400m from my house from looking up where there were caches near me. It's on a street I wouldn't have gone down otherwise


Right those who went on the Geocaching at G2G7, I've now bought a magnetic cache and will be planting it somewhere where I'll find a place to stick this on. So I'll let you know where it is and will record it on the Geocaching.com asap.

I've missed Geocaching for 2 weeks now..... need to plan more routes and take the boys out of the house in between revision!!! :)


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I've bought a couple of travel bugs, and I am planning on planting a cache locally to me when I get to spend a weekend at home! The travel bugs are the shape of a campfire, which is very nice!