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Gingerbread reindeer!


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We are having a coffee evening at Brownies at the end of the month and I'd like to decorate gingerbread to look like reindeer..

Does anyone know which supermarkets sell suitably shaped gingerbread?! They ideally need the legs apart, not together.
I've so far looked in ASDA and CO-OP.
I don't really want to go down the route of baking them myself.



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You need gingerbread men with short wide arms and legs apart. There are no supermarkets with this shape, as it is now replaced by either short arms/legs together or long thin arms/legs apart.

I did not know that gingerbread men had fashions until I started the quest you are on.

The good news is that although most cutters have long arms now too these are still available:

Gingerbread is very quick to make and quicker to bake.


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Last year I naught ready made gingerbread from sainsburys and cut our own out and baked and decorated them. Much easier than making from scratch.


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Thanks for that....
don't the supermarkets know that we use the 'old' shape for christmas crafts?!

How long do gingerbread stay fresh for in an airtight box? (As in if I needed them on a Thursday, could I make them on Sunday or Monday night?) I'd decorate them on Wednesday night....
As I work, I don't want to be trying to bake and decorate on Wednesday....


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Gingerbread stay fresh for ages; weeks usually. If you made them at the weekend they should be absolutely fine by Thursday in an airtight container.

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