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Question? Glamorama GFI


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Hi all - our Guides are kinda hooked on the idea of doing a 'hair and make-up' night, so I figured we could maybe get them on the Glamorama GFI but it seems to still be out of print. :(

Does anyone have a copy/download they'd be willing to point me towards?



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If no one has one to hand, I can scan and email/post a copy next Wed? Can't get to Guide hut before then I'm afraid.
That would be great Bealybubs - we meet on Wed and we've got a new promise ceremony next week so I wouldn't need it until the week after. Thanks!


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Funny I was going to see if anyone had any spare of this gfi or if they wanted to swap for something eles as only have one copy and could do with two.
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That's weird Fenris as I heard recently that Guiding are happy for the GFI resources to be copied as long as it's to go to other leaders and not outside the organisation.


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Couple of years old but this states that for the purpose of training Guiding materials may be copied.

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Slightly more recent, the current page for copyright. Says that materials should not be copied but in certain conditions exemptions apply for photocopying. It doesn’t state those conditions though or scanning/emailing/uploading. It could mean the ability to copy things like blank consent forms or a page from a badge book.

Maybe someone should email HQ and ask for a clarification on acceptable scanning. @chawkins if you contact HQ through the website and explain they might be able to send you a PDF. :)