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Going away with......Help!!

I have got my going away with modules 1-7 (brownies).

I have just done a camp lasting 2 nights with senior section.

I understand that I have to do module 6 again as this is senior section specific and provide the evidence for this.

My understanding is that I also have to submit evidence for module 8 as I do not have the camp module.

I am being asked to submit everything relating to first aid, catering, budgets etc which is not how I saw the scheme.

I understood that 5-8 modules were additional, meaning that you would only have to submit the evidence for this.

Is there anyone that would be able to clarify this?


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That's how I understood it too. I'm doing overnight, so only 1-4, but already have 4 as did health scheme.

I had to fill out an intention form, that asked which modules need assessment.


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I would contact your mentor or outdoors advisor and make sure they know that you already have 1-7 and are just sending in 6 and 8.