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Guide GFI card swapping thread


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Yes, I do. Don't need GFI cards unless you have teamwork. Need first aid, confectioner and agility badges if you have any, otherwise karma points or 11p each. PM me your address and I'll post them tomorrow. X

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Hi StarOwl

Can't PM you as your mailbox is full. I got the message last week saying you'd put the cards in the post, but they haven't arrived yet :( Don't know what could have happened, unless someone removed the stamp (which actually happened with something I received recently, can you believe?! or it's got lost). I'll give it another few days anyway. (I know I still owe you some pennies too, will sort that).


Lynneth x
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Hi Lynneth

Will check with other half as he posted them, he has been known to still have them in the glove box or other places!

If they don't turn up I'll sort it out for you.


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I have found loads of GFI cards tonight while sorting out our Guide box. Not in a million years going to use them all.

Ill list them once I get time.


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evening ladies :)

I am looking for a few go for it cards as follows:

parties - 3
lights camera action - 1
green - 1
5 senses - 6

i have for swaps:

glamorama - 8
chocolate - 5
pashion for fashion - 3
communicate - 10
1 will survive - 5
take action - 4
healthy eating - 2
teamwork - 7

would prefer a straight swap, but open to negotiations!!

please PM me if interested, thanks x


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My old list was so out of date I've started again with a new list, and new wants.

Animal Active - 1
Be a good sport - 5
Chocolate - 14
Experiment - 3
Fitness - 6
Five Senses - 3
Glamorama - 3
Globalistic - 1
Grrreen - 4
Healthy Eating - 6
Parties - 27
Passion for Fashion - 13
Peace - 2


Show Time - about 7

Straight swaps only but if want any of the cards I've got I'm happy to swap for Guide badges, certificates or sell the cards.

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i will update my list too as I've loads of odd ones too and some cloth badges too!!!! But can that wait till tomorrow as my back ache!


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I could do with

2 adventure out badges (I know this is a long shot)
1x I will survive

I have

7x Chocolate
22x flights of fancy
5x healthy eating
3x parties
10x fitness
9x peace

PM for info, will also sell 10p each 75p postage
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Ems, I have three but i can't find your list

I could do with

3x lights camera action
5x Be Constructive
14 adventure out badges (I know this is a long shot!)
13x I will survive
17x teamwork

I have

5x Blast from the past
14x Chocolate
23x flights of fancy
5x healthy eating
3x parties
17x fitness
9x peace

PM for info, will consider Karma swaps but would prefer something even if its not equal
Hi Ech18

Just reading your post and I have 3 Lights camera action and 5 Be constructive if you still need them? Would happily swap for 1 flights of fancy and 7 chocolate if you still have these.

Pm if your interested. :)
I need 16 Camp Out GFI cards - can anyone help please? Lots available to swap!
Hi Ems

I have 3 camp out cards you can have if it helps? I too can't find your list but if you let me know what you have we may be able to do a straight swap.

Pm if your interested. :)
With the introduction of the new GFI badges I thought I would update my list of cards as they may be of use to someone. I have some cards I need for this term and if anyone has any I would happily do a straight swap, otherwise I will sell the cards for 10p each.

Be Constructive x 1
Be a good sport x 5
Experiment x 4
Fitness x 1
Five Senses x 5
Football x 4
Get moving x 6
Grrreen x 8
Life wise x 9
Lights camera action x 3
Parties x 4
Peace x 7
Showtime x 2
Space x 3
Take action x 1
Take your toothbrush x 6
Teamwork x 8
Top Job x 4

Cards needed for this term are:

Animal active x 5
Glamorama x 4
Globalistic x 5

Anyone interested please pm.

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