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Guide GFI card swapping thread


Guide ****** and Big Kiid at Heart!!
I need
1x i will survive card
23x Experiment

and i have

Greeen x15

Willing to pay for the cards i need if no one needs a swap



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I have 7 general go for it cards (the ones you can enter the go for it name) that someone can have for the cost of a stamp.

PM if you want them.


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Hi Ladies,

Have loads of Go For It Cards for sale, 10p Each + P&P. Pm me if you would like any.

On the move x 7
Camp Out x 5
Take Action x 9
Teamwork x 10
Lights, Camera, Action x 7
Life Wise x 15
Globalistic x 20
Passion 4 Fashion x 14
Peace x 20
Flights of fancy x 18
Be Constructive x 2
Showtime x12
Take your toothbrush x 13
Five Senses x 10

I need Blast for the past and fitness for this term, happy to swap for these

I also have numerous Guide interest badges for sale.

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sunderland rangers

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We have several Go For It cards for sale at 10p each plus p&p
We have
Splash x130
Flights of fancy x 18
Top Job x 76
Space x 29
Globalistic x 8
Peace x 14
Team work x 35
Take your toothbrush x 38
Life wise x 20
Be a good sport x 13
Parties x 70
I will survive x 80
Experiment x 60
Lights, Camera, Action x 30
Get moving x 90
Grrrrrrrren x 10
Communicate x 30
Be constructive x 59
Football x 11
Camp out x 16
Glamarama x 13
Fitness x 35
Chocolate x 23
Blast from the past x 30
Animal Active 60

Please pm me if you interested
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