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Guide Hall Constitution


Crafty Guide Captain
Does anyone have a hall constitution we can have a look at to help us create one for our own hall? We have applied for a Land Fill grant but require a constitution. As it stands this is the only barrier we are facing , many thanks in anticipation

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Crafty Guide Captain
I have been in contact with HQ but our hall belongs to our district so they suggested we draw one up ourselves. I have already produced a constitution for our unit which I use for applying for grants and OSCR audits. I am used to producing legal documents but just would have liked a look at someone else's at we are so close to receiving funds that this is the only hold up. Up until now we have used the royal charter but it is not sufficient at this stage. Anyone else able to offer any help?

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Guide and Ranger Leader
We have one which is our supporter's association constitution which covers our hall (which we own). Not hugely long or complicated, dated 1982 - could email you that if it helps. PM me with your email if you would like to see it.