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Guide Interest Badge Swapping Thread


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Okay so you list what you have to swap and what you'd like in return, like I'm going to do in my next post.
At the bottom of your post you need to put whether you're happy to Karma Swap, which means basically you can ask for something from someone without sending them something as a direct swap. You would then be -1 Karma Points and the person who sent you the badge would be +1 points. You can spend your points on anyone's list if they're participating in the Karma Swap. If you only want to do direct swaps, please post that at the bottom of your list so people know not to bother you with Karma Swaps.

If you have posted less than 100 posts you may go down to -2 on Karma Points,
if you have between 100 and 1000 posts you may go down to -5,
and over 1000 posts down to -10 on Karma Points
, you can go upto as many as you want, but try to keep it as close to 0 as you can.
I am aware that some people have exceeded this limit at the moment, and I am trying to get that sorted out. Please don't swap with someone if it will make your points go below these limits.

Please edit your original list after each swap rather than posting a new one, so we don't have out of date lists on the thread confusing people.

If you do a direct swap, I don't need to know, you just update your own lists, if you do a swap that means someone needs Karma Points altering, post on here and I will alter the list in this post.

If any of those instructions don't make sense, let me know and I'll alter them.

<100 posts (allowed to be -2)
mustbemad -1 show list

100+posts (allowed to be -5)
Caterpillar 0 show list
Ems +4 show list
Golly 0 show list
michelle43uk 0 show list
shazzab 0

1000+ posts (allowed to be -10)
FionainKL 0 show list
Hilary +2 show list
Marie +8 show list
Popcorn -14 show list (this member is currently suspended?)
Smartie +8 show list
StarOwl -5
show list

Magpie12 show list
Smiley show list
show list

StarOwl's old unit are on -2 points (I'll sort that out next time I'm down there, don't want to muddle them up with new unit)

Once you add your list of badges you'll be added to one of the lists above, starting at 0 if you're doing karma swaps. x
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My list is as follows:

Communicator x5, (4 white 1 blue?)
Cook x16
Craft x7
Film Lover x5
First Aid x1
Outdoor Cook x13
Party Planner x7
Personal Safety x6
Team Player x9
Traditions of Guiding x8

I am after lots of;
First Aid
Promise badges and certificates
Green and blue challenge badges and certificates

Interest badges are currently 57p
Promise badges are currently £1.50
Challenge badges are currently £1.40
Certificates are currently 40p
GFI cards are currently 11p

Will happily swap a few badges for the expensive ones, we can work it out in monetary value. I have hundreds of GFI cards spare too. Will also sell if needed.

GFI cards spare:
Be a Good Sport x30
Be Constructive x30
Blast from the Past x10
Camp Out x18
Chocolate x10
Communicate x30
Experiment x10
Fitness x31
Flights of fancy x10
Football x16
Get Moving x20
Glamourama x12
Globalistic x26
I will survive x50
Life Wise x17
Lights, Camera, Action x10
On the Move x10
Parties x30
Peace x28
Showtime x9
Space x30
Take Action x25
Take your toothbrush x10
Top Job x20
With a Splash x20

Please PM me if you'd like to swap. x
I am happy to direct swap or karma swap and I currently have -5 points.
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I have
Active response 3
Adventure Out 3
Agility 14
Camper 6
Chocolate 10
Communicator 2
Community Action 4
Cooks 1
Craft 13
Culture 1
Finding Your way 1
Fire safety 1
First Aid 1
Healthy Lifestyle 18
Hobbies 2
Interpreter 2
Music zone 1
Outdoor cook 3
Putdoor Pursuits 2
Performing Arts 3
Personal Safety 10
Science 1
Sport 3
Survival 18
Water Safety 5

Team Player 22
World Cultures 11
World Guiding 8
World Issues 18
World Traveller 10

Straight swaps and karma

Karma points +2
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And we're off....

Popcorn is sending me 11 Confectioner, and I'm sending her 9 World Cultures so she's now +2 and I'm now -2, I have adjusted the original post and my list. x


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popcorn can you put on the bottom of your post that you're doing direct and karma swaps please, and it would also be helpful to keep track of your points there too so people don't have to refer to the original post to see how many points you have. Have a look at mine if you're not sure.


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Thanks popcorn for adding that info to your post, hoping to make it nice and easy for people to understand what this is all about! :D


Guide Guider
I have available to swap:
3 x Advanced Camper
2 x Camper
1 x Chocolate
3 x Circus Skills
2 x Community Action (cloth)
5 x Craft
14 x Film Lover
7 x Hobbies
1 x Holiday
10 x Party Planner
1 x Performing Arts
8 x Traditions of Guiding
5 x Water Safety
7 x World Traveller

I will do direct swaps or Karma Swaps.

I'd like Craft, Hobbies, Traditions of Guiding, Camper or any of World Cultures/Guiding/Issues/Traveller in return, please.
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ooh, i organised it with popcorn but she sent me 1 badge, and i am posting her two, so that would make me +1 :)

Badges i have to offer (We don't have many... i'm sorry!!!)
2 x Craft
6 x World Traveller
(also have a few spare promise badges, that we won't have use for.... so happyto offer these and count them as 2 interest badges if others find that acceptable??)

Badges i want
10 x Outdoor Cook


Guide & SS Guider, Div Guide Advisor
We have to swap:
3 x Film lover
2 x Cook
1 x World Issues
1 x Interpreter
2 x Confectioner
2 x Chocolate
1 x Water Safety
3 x World traveller
2 x Craft
1 x Circus Skills
4 x Communicator
2 x Personal Safety
2 x Healthy Lifestyles
5 x Culture
2 x Animal active
1 x Agility
2 x Music Group
2 x First Aid
1 x Camper

2 x Patrol Leader
2 x Patrol Seconder

We need:
4 x Traditions of Guiding
1 x Hobbies
1 x Team leader
1 x music zone
1 x community action (cloth)
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Guide & SS Guider, Div Guide Advisor

Do you want to swap 6 x World Guiding for 2 x Interpreter, 1 x Sports, 1 x Cooks and 2 x Healthy lifestyles.
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I have

9 chocolate
6 First aid
35 Personal safety

and i need
outdoor cook
animal active

Happy to do Karma or Straight swaps :) CP :speechless-009
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Guide & SS Guider, Div Guide Advisor

I also have the following Right Now badges for sale or swap for Guide interest badges.

8 x work together (Yellow)
7 x be heard (Purple)
6 x to learn (blue)
1 x be happy (pink)
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Smiley, please may I buy the Right to Live in Peace badges from you?

PM me details of how much and where to send a cheque and I'll get it sorted this week.


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Hi folks, I'm back!
I have updated the original post with what people have posted.
It seems to make popcorn on -14 though and marie on +15 which seems a lot, so not sure if I've got that right?


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I have some badges I would like to do straight swaps for.

I have:

1 x Chocolate
4 x First Aid
6 x World Guiding

I am looking for any of the following Right Now badges;

The right to:

Be happy (Pink)
Learn (Blue)
Live in Peace (Orange)
Be heard (Purple)

I realise that the right now badges cost more than the normal interest badges so would be willing to swap 3 interest badges for 2 right now badges.

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