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Guide Interest Badge Swapping Thread


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If you are still after craft badges, we have 5 of old style badges (3 current trefoil/2 old trefoil) - don't currently need any to swap though

Pm me if you want them


Guide Guider and District Commissioner
I have the following, preferably to sell for 50p each plus postage but would consider swaps:
old-style interest badges:
4 Confectioner
1 Community Action
1 Personal safety
2 Traditions of Guiding
Patrol badges:
1 panda
2 Pelican
3 Penguin


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Does anyone have an old style Find Your Way badge - DD's unit has given them old style ones for badges last term and this half term, but she earned the Find Your Way at a Blackland event and they gave them the brand new style ones and, typically, she'd prefer they matched up ! Happy to send you the new one as a swap or anything else I can find you might like, or pay for it? Cheers.


Guide & SS Guider, Div Guide Advisor
I have the following current badges to swap:
Outdoor cook x 4
Camper x 2
Agility x 1
World traveller x 1
Traditions of guiding x 2
Go for it Globalistic x 1
Camp out Go for it x 4
Girls in Action - in her shoes x 2
Dolphin patrol emblem x 2

We need: Panda or Polar bear patrol emblems, Go for it chocolate, Glamorama Go for it, World Guiding, Guide holiday and confectioner badges.

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Does anyone have a culture badge in the previous design please? I think it is a map of the uk? One of my guides lost it when she went into care. X

I would need to pay by PayPal.


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Hi, am fairly new to all this, though I have been registered a while. I am needing 6 Survival badges, have 13 of old style and needed 6 more, then found out they had all been re-designed! What do I do? get your address and post off the money? how much would you want and what P&P would you need?


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You can either hope someone sees your post who has some or scroll through the lists and pm people who may have them. Then it's up to you to arrange with them if you are swapping or buying. X


Guide & SS Guider, Div Guide Advisor
HELP! I was one craft badge short last night. Can anyone help me out? My swap list is below.

Current design -
1 x World Traveller
2 x Camper
4 x Outdoor cook
4 x Camp out Go for it
4 x Chocolate

Old design -
4 x First aid
5 x Culture
4 x Communicator
3 x Film lover
1 x Healthy lifestyles
1 x World issues
1 x Team player

1 x First year challenge badge and certificate (blue and green)
1 x Dolphin Patrol badge

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I have some surplus old interest badges if anyone needs odd ones to award.
2 Performing Arts
1 Science
1 Active Response
6 Agility
Postage plus small donation to funds if interested