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GuiderPlus Cancelled by Badgefreaks


Guide Leader
Hi anyone else had their guiderplus subscription cancelled?
Just had an email advise badge freaks have cancelled mine but I didn't ask them to.
Have emailed them to ask but wanted to know if it has happened to anyone else's.


Guide Leader
don't know what happened as there are several payment methods on my paypal and they say they have not cancelled.
just signed up again.


Staff member
Hi. We haven't cancelled it sorry and the only time it seems to happen is when the primary card on the PayPal account expires; even if you have alternative methods. The subscriptions isn't cancelled as such only the recurring payment.

If anyone wants to cancel their subscription you need to log into your PayPal account, go to profile and look for recurring payments or pre-approved payments. If there is an item in there relating to Guiders or BadgeFreaks for £7.50 then all you need to do is cancel it.

By the way anyone who has renewed or subscribed this month will receive the new badge which is currently being produced. There are also a number of badge still to go out and I'm currently going through the list. I had some trouble getting the letter printed but will do them myself tomorrow.

Thanks for supporting the forum either via subscription or forum contribution.