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Question? Guiding activities

Hi everyone! I’m doing my LQ and I’m a little stuck for Guiding activities. Module 3, Part 1 (e) Explore ways of letting the local community know about guiding activities and try at least one. I am wondering what have you lot done for this bit because I don’t know where to begin with it

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Firstly, don't panic! There are lots of different ways to do this clause. Think about how information gets around in your local area, jot down a few brief notes or a bulletpoint list (and keep it to stick it in your book/ folder as evidence for the clause) then decide which is best for you. Do you have a village newsletter you could write an article for about what your unit has been up to? Or a local newspaper you could get in touch with to cover a special trip or fundraiser or similar event? A community board at the local library or supermarket where you could arrange to put up a poster? A noticeboard in your shared meeting place you could take over to promote your unit? Do you have a local online forum or community facebook page where you could post to let people know what guiding opportunities are available in the area? Or a local fair or carnival you could hold a stall, or is there already a guiding stall planned that you could help run?

Also have a think about the needs of your area: Do you need to recruit more girls? Or do you have loads of kids on waiting lists and could target letting adults to let them know how much fun volunteering could be? Or are you ok for both and just want to let Joe Public know how much fun guiding is and challenge any "making tea and sewing" stereotypes they may hold?

Whatever you decide to do, have a chat with your mentor and/ or district commissioner first, as they'll be able to help you identify the best options in your area, advise what info to give out and let you know if there's anything already planned that you could help with. You can also order free posters and fliers from Girlguiding Trading here: Adult Resources - Girlguiding (although possibly need to pay postage) if you need them!


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All what Lynz has said is absolutely spot on. What I would add is to try and use your knowledge and networks to get the word out, especially if recruiting volunteers. You have a unique network, different to your fellow leaders, maybe a different age group of friends and acquaintances, a different group of school gates parents, different ideas..so whilst the traditional newsletters and posters in the shop may work for some aspects, don't be afraid to follow your instinct and think how you find out about things...

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