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Guiding favours


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Hi everyone,
My town is holding our county AGM and I wanted my rangers to make favours for everyone as a thank you for coming but can't think of anything. Any ideas please?


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ribbon WAGGGS Friendship knots on a safety pin, trefoils with pipecleaners, mini seed packets, origami trefoils( search origami clover)lavender sachets, keyring with laminated promise attached
if you do a search for guiding swaps images you get lots of ideas that may be suitable


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I was at a Guiding training yesterday and one of the items in our goody bags was a packet of seeds saying 'Thank you for your Thyme'. You could buy thyme seeds and print yourt own packets.


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Following on from another thread ...how about a 'pocket pack' those little essential items we used to carry in our pockets so a clean tissue or wet wipe, a safety pin, plaster, small card (maybe with promise on) needle & thread etc. Something the size to fit in a credit card pocket in a purse...

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