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Is anyone doing anything specific for halloween in their units this month?

i know this has come up a few times and some people dont like to celebrate or are not able to but we always try to do somehting as our girls enjoy.

This year girls are coming dressed up if they wish and we are making chocolate dipped apples.

Im thinking it wont take the whole meeting so any ideas for games would be appreciated!!



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The last time we had one it was called scary fairy night - we did spider biscuits in sixes as a beetle (throw 1 for a biscuit, 2 for icing, 3 for eyes, 4, 5 and 6 for extra legs etc) so then made them and ate them, apple bobbing, mummy wrap (toilet roll) game, cauldrons (like musical chairs but they had to find a cauldron shape to stand on), also had a spider craft standing by but never got to do it. Had some halloween themed cds and did prizes for best monster dancing, that sort of thing. Have fun :)


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We're having ours on Monday as the first meeting back after half term we're taking some new Guides so wouldn't be fair if they didn't know about it etc.

Ours are coming dressed up if they wish, with a prize (To be decided) for the best dressed. We're doing apple Bobbing, halloween games, charades and pictionary we're mentioned by the girls and they are decorating halloween biscuits.

Also done a playlist for some background music with themed songs, thriller, monster mash etc

This is my first meeting that I've planned myself so I'm looking forward to it, and the girls are excited as the GIC before me didn't believe in it so they were never allowed to have one


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We are allowing ours to dress up if they wish, but I'm going to tell them about Day of the Dead as I was in Mexico last year for it. Then I am planning on constructing a simplified alter. There will also be skull decorating and Day of the Dead bread to eat.


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I'm looking for one of those stories where the girls join in with differnt noises/sayings, but just don't know where to look


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We had a Halloween party last week . We played games the best being Winnie the witches stewpot- a version of mrs McGintys string bag. The rainbows had great fun sticking together in the stewpot and taking there own turns for each item on the shopping list. They also enjoyed dooking for apples. The theme was movies . We had everything from st trinians to despicable me. It was a great night


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We are having a non halloween fun and games meeting in the dark. We do it every year, this year it happens to fall on halloween, but we are not doing it as halloween


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We don't tend to do Halloween, as it usually falls within Half Term, and does this year as well. We're doing Bonfire Night next week instead.
But we did do a Halloween themed district weekend this year, which was lots of fun and nice to open it to all the girls whereas we normally only take our oldest on pack holiday