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Official Info: Health Form


GIC Guide/SS
The health form for the weekend has been attached below. If you can print it and bring it along with you at the weekend. We will have a few spare just encase your not able to print it out.

Your Health form will be placed in a plastic wallet and attached to your lanyard. We will not be checking the Health form expect in an emergancy.

If you have a condition which you feel we should know about feel free to send us an email, PM or tell us in confidence when you arrive. Health form can be handed over in sealed envolope if prefered.

As at previous events, we do not have a designated First Aider, as we feel we are all capable of dealing with any incidents that occur. We will have a small first aid box, which will contain the usual including blue plasters for the kitchen


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GIC Guide/SS
Apologies, thought I already had put a PDF up too, I created it, but it obviously didn’t upload.

Anyway PDF now in top post.


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The directions are in the top post in transport and timing thread.
Thanks Gwen - thought it was just a case of having seen it and forgotten where it was, or missed spotting it altogether.

Printer out of ink - you will have to have a hand scribbled health form as I cannot be bothered to trek to Staples for a new cartridge.