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Help with emoji theme

My Brownies have just voted for an emoji themed holiday. Has anyone got any ideas? Particularly for a wide game/ outdoor activity.

They came up with making masks, drawing new emojis, making biscuit/cake/pizza emojis, some kind of acting/ drama (though in my mind this would look like Judge Rinder's Charleston on last week's Strictly). I could extend it to technology at a push, if anyone has thoughts in that direction.

Thank you


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Could you have some sort of 'debate' where they give their views as to why a certain emoji is the best?

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For a wide game, I'd be tempted to have numbered cards hidden around the site for the girls to collect - if you number them, and require them to bring them back in number order it makes it much more challenging and means it isn't just the fastest runners who do all the work. Or instead of numbers you could have a set of emojis for each team, each team's being mounted on different coloured card, so they have to find the full set.


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Wide game....some sort of a treasure hunt with various emoji's strung up, the girls collect and put a story together of the various pictures.

Also there used to be an activity putting the promise into text speak, may be an idea to try and put emoji's in place.
Thanks for the ideas, as there is no emoji story, the wide game will probably have to be a find and retrieve pictures style.


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There are also games that you could readily adapt to this theme, eg Fishes in the Sea (using names of different emojis); Indian volleyball (with different emojis drawn with sharpies onto different coloured balloons); Emoji's coming (similar to Captains coming, with actions to suit different emojis, winking, hugging, etc); Emoji murder (same as Wink Murder since 'winking' has an emoji!) Ladders (using emoji names instead of numbers).

Crafts - you could make Hama bead coasters (think it would be fairly easy to create emoji pictures on these). Still mulling for other ideas...


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Play charades- have a bunch of emoji printed on cards & get them to pull one out of the hat, then act it out.
The sports/activities/emotions/transport ones would all be rather fun.