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'He's Behind You' Challenge


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'He's Behind You' Pantomime Challenge

Looking for some planning ideas for the autumn/winter term?

We have written the attached challenge to run at our Guide residential weekend in November but think it would make a great resource for meetings too. The activities are varied in difficulty and the order form is included in the pack. We will be starting with an order of 200 and may order more if it is successful.

The activities are all based on and around traditional pantomimes.

We hope you like it! I know there have been a lot of threads about challenge badges recently.


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Have you got 19 of these badges left and how much are they
Hi Tortgeorge, since this thread is at least 4 years old, the person who posted the challenge may not be around on the forum at the moment. You could try a PM, click on her name beside the posts and then on 'start a conversation' Depending on how she has her account set up, that might spark an email to her and get you the reply you need. Hope that helps :)