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How long do you need to keep accounts and guide records?


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Please can you advise me, how long should I keep the accounts and guide records for?
I have just taken over a Guide unit and have been given all the paperwork.
I have found guide records with the guides DOB and emergency contact details going back to 2005. Am i right, that each term you are suppose to shred the records of all the guides who have left your unit?
Also how long should I keep the accounts and receipts for?


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contact details need to be destroyed when a girl leaves. The only thing you may keep for longer is the Gift Aid form which you can keep until the tax year has finished

Accounts I think you have to keep for 5 years, but I am not certain on that


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You need to check the latest guidance on the website. Accounts information and how long you keep it is governed by the Charity Commission and HMRC rules so it will be different to the usual Guiding rules for girls information, certainly longer than a year but 11 is too much.

The link is here:

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Guide Guider and District Commissioner
You need to keep accounts - and all that goes with them such as bank statements, cheque book stubs, receipts etc - for seven years (in England and Wales). Gift Aid forms need to be kept for seven years after the last claim.