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How much rent do you pay to use church halls?

All the units in my village pay £2 per child regardless of how long the meeting is.
£1 goes towards the rent or building fund and the other £1 is subs.
Its not alot for when one considers promise and challenge badges are more than £1.

However, we may be opening a weekly meeting in our next village and we have already been quoted £25 per hour if the caretaker isnt there or a fiver per hour if she is there. We are waiting to hear whether she will be able to change her hours for us.

I did wonder whether anyone knew of a way to get help with their rent. Our 2nd unit will be in a primary school,.


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We pay £37 per term, we are one of the few units in our district that do pay rent, but £37 is (I feel) reasonable; if we are doing a sleepover we are charged an additional £30. fund rasiing events we can normally get the hall for free as the church has an agreement with a local business who will match all fundraising pound for pound - so we fund raise for the church but our unit get the same amount.