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I love my UH


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I love my UH because:

she turns up when she says she'll turn up

She's told me what she'll do (meetings) and what she won't do (shopping and prepping)

She doesn't tell me I'm nuts and she's calm and chilled out about girl led guiding.

I couldn't run my unit without her, she's as important as I am and a full member of my unit team (which is a bit small but VERY important and VERY functional)

Here's to people who are dependable.


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Me too - mine's been in the unit longer than I have (over 14 years). Totally reliable and loved by all.


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I love my SS unit helper because she picks up all the bits I find annoying (shopping/cooking!) and generally keeps me sane.

I love my Rainbow Unit Helper - 'cos he's my hubby :)


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yes i love my team too.............
since september i have gained an occasional helper who is only able to help every 2 -3 weeks.
and a unit helper, and i think i may have a Younger leader came last night and asked if she could stay and help out,
(she is the big sis of one of my brownies and a member of the local senior section )

so i say thank you for my team which i do try and say every week to them


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I love my UHs
They will pick up stuff I forget on their way in
They are better at finding things in the cupboard than me
If I ask them to remind me to do something, they do


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I have been gearing up my team and stepping back a little for my retirement at end of year it is scary to think about as I will miss the team as much or meby more than the Guides but I know I am leaving the Unit in good hands as they are great, they are a mix of ages and all my freinds as well as Guiders

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Unlucky me - mine undermine me and snipe behind my back - but just in earshot :(

I 'snapped' a bit last week and told them they were welcome to swap places ... all has gone quiet since then! But I am thinking of inviting them to plan and run a meeting each - I can then stand in a corner talking all night ... and it might give them a better perspective.

Glad to hear others have a stronger team!
My other adult team member will tell me when she disapproves of something I've planned, but equally can pick me up when I'm emotionally beating myself up over something. She's a good friend and we wouldn't have really crossed paths if it hadn't been for Guiding.