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Identifying girls on trips

Hi everyone,

I am taking my Brownies on a trip in December, there will be lots of people there and it's outdoors, so they will have coats on over their uniforms, so won't stand out as they usually do. I am considering making them wear some kind of sticker or badge or something so they're easily identifiable as my Brownies, for example, one activity they're doing is ice skating and there will be lots of other children there and I just think it wouldn't hurt to make them easier to spot. In the past I have tied a bright ribbon to their backpacks, but we won't have bags with us.

What kinds of things have people used to do this?




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Although it depends if it's a guiding trip or not.
It's slightly amusing to read of folk kitting their group out in a "unique" item to help identify them at a guiding event ........ only to discover every other leader has had the same bright idea!

Do you need to make them stand-out? That sounds a daft question ... but maybe you'd be better off making sure they've all got contact details for you or know where to go if they got lost, or have head-count regularly. Danger of only looking out for blue-neckered or red-hatted kids is that you miss the one who's lost her hat ......


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we had baseball hats for one event, bought 40 for £25 on ebay and they were brilliant for easily spotting which brownies were ours. just make sure they are ones that can be tightened at the back. At this time of year there may be a woolly hat


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We have baseball hats in the same colour as our neckers which makes they girls much easier to spot. As well as this on a recent trip out we also got some of those paper wristbands from ebay and wrote leaders mobile phone numbers on them so if a Brownie lost us they could ask one of the staff in the museum we were at to ring us. We were regularly counting heads and each leader was responsible for a small group of girls so to make it easier to check they were all there rather than all of us looking for every girl in the unit.


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You said you'd used ribbons before. Could you make something from ribbon that could be pinned to the front of their coats?


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When I was taking rainbow aged Guides to big Guide events this was the bane of my life! (of course all our guides of whatever age wear basically the same uniform too!)

"Back in the Day" when we had neckers, it was ok. I could spot the pink scarves from a mile away (even if there was another unit of little who's was basically the same as ours)! Then we had the "new uniform" and scarves were no longer part of it. We still wore them for a few years- but we couldn't wear them when we were in public, as it wasn't uniform (we meet in the same hall as a brownie aged group at the same time, so we kind if need to be able to tell them apart then too!)

Still considering getting a set of unit bucket hats in an unusual colour for big events... I'm thinking bright aqua, as I recently saw units with pink and red. At some recent huge events, there was a unit which had made all of their Guides get (or has a unit set of) the uniform bucket hat, and had made a beaded band to go around them. It was pretty subtle, but helped them to stand out, especially as they all had the same, rather then the mix of school hats and whatever everyone else had. They were also a group that had a few swaps on their hats, which helped too.

Other groups had strips of fluro fabric pinned right on the top of their hat. Looked funny, but served a purpose! Another group had rolled their old red unit neckers they are no longer allowed into bands and tied them around their hats and backpacks


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From experience working at a tourist attraction (and spending a lot of time trying to reunite large groups), some sort of hat always seem to be the easiest to spot. Or high vis jackets - you'd be amazed how many groups go round wearing those! Wristbands tend to get hidden under sleeves, neckers or lanyards get hidden under coats, stickers end up falling onto the floor or on the one piece of clothing they decide to take off.

Of course, if they take the hats off then that doesn't help!


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When I took our Brownies to PGL, I tied yellow ribbon in all their hair! It looked really cute! and meant that from a distance I could easily see them amongst the other brownies because it was something quite high up on them!

Some of them had it plaited into their hair whilst others had it tied around a bun or hanging in their ponytail. For those who's hair is too short to tie up, you can use a hair clip to attach it into their hair! The girls loved it!


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I still think the wristbands are a good idea, for you to write your contact details on and tell the kids if they're lost, find an adult (if you're at a venue, point out the uniforms worn by the staff and tell them to go to one of them) and ask them to call you. More as a backup than identifying them.


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When we went to Zootastic I saw other units with coloured baseball caps and had a forehead slapping moment - why didn't I think of that! Then I noticed lots of units with the same idea. The best one I saw though, was a really fancy hair band that looked like a flower on the girls heads. I was able to point two lost brownies toward their unit as I could see them over the top of the others and match their headgear!

Wristbands with the contact mobile phone number on it is almost essential as a back up for the unthinkable. We lost one girl for 5 minutes. She was less than 30 feet away, but couldn't see us in the narrow twisting corridor, so asked another leader to call me. I got the call just as our other leader found the child, but it proved the system worked!