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Is there any reason why I can't...

... provide refreshments at a Division Meeting, paid for from the Division funds? I'm a new DC heading up a very troubled and divided Division... a whole other thread really! But I think the best way to get people working together is to start with a very short meeting followed by a social event to get people a bit more relaxed and friendly. Food is the way to people's hearts, right?

Seriously, I've got a venue for free is there any reason why I can't provide a reasonable amount of small nibbles and, say one soft/hot drink per Leader from Division funds?


sandra 100

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i don't know the answer to your question but at our last district meeting we had a share table where everyone brings something to eat food is always a good idea


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No reason at all, it's quite common in my part of the world for food to be provided before a meeting as many come straight from work. It's all about keeping it proportion...