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It's because I'm a Guider...!


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What things do you find yourself doing or saying in life that can only be explained by the words 'It's because I'm a Guider!'

For example, earlier in the year I found myself in Tescos buy 15 of their strong Bags for Life in one go. We were going to use them to make sitters for camp but it must have looked strange because they were the only items I bought!

A colleague was also once mildly surprised by a post it note list on my desk to remind me of what we needed for Guides that night. It read - gaffer tape, bubble wrap, rope, marshmallows. What could I say - I'm a Guider!


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I find I always feel the need to explain myself at the supermarket even when no one questions it - especially when I am shopping for myself, rainbows and guides and want it all on separate receipts. I think the one recently that got odd looks was when I went in to buy 2x bottles of washing up liquid, 2x squeezy honey and a big bag of sugar. We were doing science/liquid density with the rainbows.

A few years ago between being a Guider and an Architecture Student you sometimes didn't know what I was going to pull out of my bag. I was at a first aid course once and was trying to find a pen which was at the bottom of my bag. Trying to find it I pulled out masking tape, a piece of rope, coloured markers, a promise badge, super glue and a stanley knife...that took some explaining! All had a legitimate reason for being there but put all together...

Most people around me understand now - at uni no one would look twice if I was sat cutting out rabbit ears/stars/etc during group/studio work and sometimes they would be made to help if I was running out of time...


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My favourite was definitely a well known discount supermarket and the 40 bananas! I had given up counting and just grabbed crate of them and taken them to the till (they had beem missed off the shopping list for camp).

I thought the fact I was in uniform might have helped the very odd look but apparently not. Although I do look like a teenage boy in my cargos and guider T-shirt so they might be forgiven.


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I can't decide whether my favourite "odd look" was when asking for my shop consisting solely of 30ish bars of value chocolate to be split across multiple receipts, or when I had to buy lots and lot of vaseline, fibogel, cotton wool and washing up liquid because Guides were doing the fake wounds activity from the Big Brownie Birthday challenge!


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My favourite was in a pound shop when I was buying 40 pairs of fluffy socks and was told by the shop assistant that I was the second strangest customer they'd had in that day! Apparently the strangest had been a man who bought a whole box of dinosaurs! I was slightly disappointed not to win the title, so need to try harder next time!


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I went into Tiger and staggered to the checkout with blank puzzles and various other things in multiples of 30 - and one of my brownie mums served me. They all then had a long conversation about how nice a leader I was, which was vaguely uncomfortable! I ended up explaining in advance what I planned to do with different things, and tried to recruit some volunteers!